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Cnlight Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of LED bulbs, car headlight bulbs, and UV lamps

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    Zone A, Shishan Industry Technology Industry Park, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Cnlight is a premier lighting manufacturer that has been active in general lighting, UV disinfection lighting, and automotive lighting sectors since 1992. Started as a small manufacturer of CFL bulbs with impeccable quality, Cnlight has since leapt forward and evolved into a manufacturing powerhouse. Cnlight constantly strives to bring the latest in energy efficient lighting technology to the global marketplace. Through continuous improvement in all aspects of its business, the company has upholded a well-earned reputation as a reliable lighting manufacturer that provides optimal value to its customers and clients on a consistent basis.

Cnlight holds a diversified product portfolio across different applications. The company's conventional lighting products such as CFL bulbs and fluorescent tubes set the industry's benchmark for performance and operating life. In the era of solid state lighting, Cnlight continues its tradition of excellence and released a competitive range of LED products that include LED GLS bulbs, LED spotlight bulbs, LED tubes, LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED strips, LED desk lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers. Being the first Chinese manufacturer of HID headlight bulbs, Cnlight has its unique position in the automotive lighting industry. Today, in addition to the well-established market presence of its full range of HID headlights, Cnlight's LED headlight kits raise to be one of the most popular aftermarket brands in China. In the field of specialty lighting, Cnlight has worldwide recognition as a world-class manufacturer of UV germicidal lamps.

Cnlight is proud of its strong manufacturing heritage and technology portfolio that distinguish itself from the competition. The company operates a 120,000 square modern manufacturing facility in Foshan, China. Its vertically integrated manufacturing systems combined with value engineering offer a sophisticated infrastructure for continuous product innovations and world-class productions. Along with the rapid deployment of LED technology, Cnlight's innovative R&D platform has been fully upgraded to stay ahead of the technology curve. With a rich history of performance engineering and manufacturing excellence, Cnlight is uniquely positioned to provide creative, strategic, and purposeful lighting solutions.
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